The Technology used at Changeland Salt Cave

Every Changeland Salt Cave is based on technology tested for many years and which is using mineral and sea salt for Relaxation and Rehabilitation purposes. The objective is to produce the microclimate of a salt mine recreating the natural, biological and rehabilitating conditions existing in the mine at a location easily approachable to people who leave and work in the cities.
The interior of a Changeland Salt Cave & Salt Sauna is carefully designed in order to re-create and maintain the temperature, humidity and the unique microclimate which can be found at a depth of 350m at the world famous salt mines and sanatoria of Wieliczka salt mine and Bochnia salt mine in Poland. The unique healing attributes of this microclimate are due to the enriched air that circulates inside the Saltcave. This air is rich with salt ions and microelements. It’s cleanliness and purity against bacteria and other microorganisms is preserved through the use of special salt mine air-conditioning system and antibacterial ultraviolet lamps.

The Changeland Salt Cave has a heated floor, covered with mineral salt from Polish salt mines and sea salt from the Dead Sea. With the increase of the floor temperature, salt generates ions and enriches the air of the cave.

The walls and roof of Changeland’s salt cave are completely covered with tones of mineral salt rocks from selected Polish mines. These salt rocks are stack on top to one another, glued together with natural resin and sustained with wood, as in salt mines. It should be noted that in the Changeland’s Salt Caves there is no gyps or other artificial material which is used found in other “caves” both for decoration purposes (decorative stalactites) and ease of construction. The use of gyps in environments reach of salt ions creates nests for bacteria and this is why it is bound from Changeland’s Salt caves.

Furthermore, the floor is heated and walls are lighted with low voltage (12 Volt). This is for safety reasons (salt is a positive conduit of electricity) and also for economic and ecological reasons. Changeland’s salt caves have zero maintenance cost, minimum operational cost (e.g. minimum cost in electricity per month while in use 7 days a week, 12-15 hours per day), zero cost of goods and is covered by guarantee at EU standards. Changeland Salt Cave fully complies with the strict criteria of use in hospitals and has been installed in state hospitals.